Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ver Tetas Grandes Gratis

The most spectacular landings view

are places from which we start and where to get there: no one would pass a holiday. Yet even an airport can be a tourist destination, not so much what's inside, though some are now small towns of consumerism and free time, but especially for what is around.

A travel site, in consultation with thousands of passengers and experts all over the world, has compiled a ranking airports with the most beautiful view: the most spectacular view, in short, that can be appreciated from the window of a Boeing or an Airbus, during takeoff or landing.

On top of this list is unique airport Sion, Switzerland, which won first place thanks to the breathtaking view of the Rhone valley and the surrounding Alps. E 'but the sea, or at least water, not the mountain, dominating the list of Private- , the website that launched the initiative.

In the second position include the Princess Juliana Airport on the island of St. Maarten , the Caribbean, followed in third place on that of another Caribbean island, St. Barth : blue sea, golden sandy beaches, palm trees, picture-postcard scenery.

In fourth place is the airport of Gibraltar , a strip of asphalt so narrow and short that when a plane takes off or lands, we must stop the traffic on the road that runs parallel: on the other hand, the Rock of Gibraltar, a British colony that Spain will try in vain to get back for centuries, as well as limit the strait terminating the Mediterranean Sea, territory is a tiny, claustrophobic, marked by long sieges in the past and even recent litigation frai two countries. The airport could not be very large.

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